Trip to Capri

I often go for a classic vintage styling, means i love to wear pieces that have a little history in the way they are cutted or combined like these Capri Pants from von 50′. They remind me of Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day & Brigitte Bardot when they worn those trousers on hot summer days, driving a cabrio, jump on a bike or just go for a little city walk.




There’s a simplicity but although a classy touch in this combination, a straight cutted shirt, blouse or something like that is enough to create a real summer bummer 😉

These pants are made from white spandex, like a second skin. The top in a poppy red color is from 100% viscose for a perfect minimalist Audrey Hepburn’s Chic Style <3.

Again two high quality pieces from the french vintage designer i love to wear this year, not only for a Capri Holiday 🙂

Trip to Capri

Trip to Capri

Trip to Capri


Gracy Q

Handmade is the thing – love in every detail, classic cuts with lovely refinements – Gracy Q from Germany ❤

A 4 years young label founded by Anne Kämpfe, a sweet, inspiring person with great ideas and the eye for an exclusive style. Elegance, Gracefulness and Quality.


Anne about her label:

„Gracy Q ist eine elegante Marke für die Dame, die Anmut und Stil der 30er bis 50er Jahre als Inspirationsquelle für eine klassische Mode mit betonter Weiblichkeit in die heutige Zeit adaptiert.

Mit einer hochwertigen Verarbeitung und qualitativ überzeugenden Materialien,
kreiert Anne Kämpfe (Designerin und Inhalberin von Gracy Q) Kollektionen die ein Statement für den selbstbewussten Auftritt sind.

Mit damenhafter Klassik überdauern Mode und Inspiration aktuelle Trends
und schaffen somit einen ausdrucksstraken Stil, der nicht nur die Persönlichkeit unterstreicht
sondern gleichermaßen exklusiv ist.

Im Mai 2010 gegründet, verkörpert Gracy Q seither das Talent und Können der gelernten
Damenmaßschneiderin Anne Kämpfe. Mit einem hohen Anspruch an Passform und Qualität
ist jedes einzelne Kleidungsstück ein Klassiker.“

Follow this link to her website:


My favorites are the Smilla Dress with matching Blazer and the Ewa-Shirt with his soft, stretchy touch in a classic warm burgundy – the clothes have a great workmanship, even the inner lining is classy. Figure-hugging cuts, especially for winter warm fabrics and a uniqueness with the charm of 30s/40s & 50s makes them for me a must have and longtime companion.


Have look on Facebook to and support this charming lady:

gracy_6  gracy_5gracy-4Gracy_1  gracy_3

von 50′

Is there any really high quality fashion with a vintage cut outside? YES! it is – and it’s from France. You want to feel like a diva, dressed in shimmering silk and other luxury fabrics to make your day even more glamorous? I can tell you – it feels really good, not only these fabrics are a poem to your skin, every look in a mirror or a shopwindow gives you the good feeling, to be dressed like a real woman. Figure-flattering to stay all day long in shape and perfect not only for the business! the evening after a working-day at the office is also the right terrain to impress.


Here are some words from Emilie, founder of von 50′ about the idea behind it:

“ The 1950’s represent the lead of french Haute-Couture worlwide with Dior, Chanel, Jacques Fath, Pierre Balmain, Madame Grès, Nina Ricci, Hubert de Givenchy, Pierre Cardin … We found that decade inspiration to be the most exciting ever, and wish to experience it again : Sophistication, Elegance and Quality are our motivations.

But who could enhance these distinctive silhouettes, better than the Hollywood iconic Stars of the 50’s ? They were, for sure, the best worldwide ambassadresses to magnify these creation styles. We love to see these pictures of Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn (Givenchy’s muse) and so many more… Marilyn, of course, took the lead of Glamour style with adjusted dresses, gloves and always high-waisted pencil skirts. Who could reveal this fashion better than Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar magazines, opening a new area of photography, through graceful models like Carmen Dell’Orefice, Dovima, Suzy Parker, Anne Sainte Marie, Ivy Nicholson? So VON 50’ is here to offer access to Elegant 50’s inspired Haute-Couture Collection, with a high quality of that time, and affordable prices to make Ladies’ dreams come true. We want Glamour, Elegance, Chic and Feminine shaped Silhouettes back !“

A package with three fantastic clothes arrived and it was a pleasure to open the package as well, little magnets with Marilyn as nice giveaway were packed on top. I was impressed with the fabric, and the exceptional fashioning.


On the following pictures i wear the Bel Avant Hier Dress – „An absolutely vintage 50’s dress for two reasons : the 3/4-length triangle-shaped sleeves, and a back low V-neck. Still, not too low so our bra keeps invisible. Both light and warm, the flowing fabric in addition of back and front darts, ensure a perfect fit. Get a perfect Silhouette, emphasize your waist!“

The French CanCan Blouse – „This one is a VINTAGE MUST HAVE! The perfect French silk for a delicate retro touch, the spandex for a perfect fitting. This soft natural silk fabric is so breathable, and leave a light sensation of glamour on our skin. Perfection of details, the cute silk covered buttons!“

And the Regarde Moi Hight Waist Pencil Skirt – „An even more high-waisted pencil skirt ! For an even more vintage dramatic Diva look ! This pencil skirt lenght is 75cm (29,5 inches) it’s to say 3 more centimeters (1,2 inches) than the Salon-Privé skirt. This one is amazing if you wish to underline even more your waist, and extend your silhouette. For those who wear a classic bullet-bra, the skirt is almost just below it. Also containing spandex so it will suit any Lady. Get your basic vintage skirt, Adopt a Madmen Working Girl Look! This one is warm, made of such a thin fabric you could think it’s cotton! An everyday easily wear, easily matched.“

Here you’ll find every item i worn:

Yours, Ava xox


the sun shines still warm but i have to buy this cape at Lucky Lola Sale! It has a light purple color and fits perfect with a neutral-coloured skirt, i wear a lilac one from Miss Candyfloss. The skirt is available in many other colors.

The shoes are from Menbur, very comfortable but 4 years old, so they don’t have them in their program anymore.

Earclips from

die Sonne scheint zwar noch warm aber dieses Cape im Sale bei Lucky Lola konnte ich mir nicht entgehen lassen. Es ist in einem leicht lilastichigem Grau und passt perfekt zu einem neutralen Rock in ähnlichem Ton, bei mir ist es ein lilafarbener von Miss Candyfloss. Beides ist aktuell erhältlich. Die Schuhe sind von Menbur und unglaublich bequem, allerdings auch schon 4 Jahre alt und somit nicht mehr im Program. Ohrclips von Collectif_Candyfloss

die fransigen 20er

eines meiner Mitbringsel aus dem Urlaub in den Staaten: ein fransiges 20er Jahre Top von – gesehen und sofort verliebt 🙂 Dazu trage ich einen Satinrock, hinten mit großer Schleife von Jungbluth Design
Schuhe von Görtz und eine Clutch, die ich in San Francisco (Ashbury Heights) gefunden hab.
Der Schmuck ist Vintage, Lippenstift von mac „Russian Red“.

Das Top schwingt fantastisch bei jeder Bewegung, der enge Rock ist ein schönes Pendant dazu – eigentlich ein simples Outfit, aber die Fransen bringen wortwörtlich Schwung hinein ;))

In diesem Sinne, wo ist mein Cocktailglas, ich will tanzen!

Eure Ava

die fransigen 20er

out for a coffee

Zum Sonntags-Kaffee eine schlichte Kombination die mit drei 50s-Fundstücken aufgepeppt wurden. Ich liiiiiebe diese Sonnenbrille heiß und innig ❤

Top: H&M (aktuelle Kollektion) eigentlich mit Trägern, die man aber toll verstecken kann um ein Bandeau-Top draus zu zaubern 🙂

Rock: onon Galerie Hamburg

Gürtel: H&M

Schuhe: dawanda

Reisperlen-Clips / Glasperlen-Collier: dawanda

Sonnenbrille: Kleiderkreisel

Lippenstift: Dior „Rouge Bingo“