von 50′

Is there any really high quality fashion with a vintage cut outside? YES! it is – and it’s from France. You want to feel like a diva, dressed in shimmering silk and other luxury fabrics to make your day even more glamorous? I can tell you – it feels really good, not only these fabrics are a poem to your skin, every look in a mirror or a shopwindow gives you the good feeling, to be dressed like a real woman. Figure-flattering to stay all day long in shape and perfect not only for the business! the evening after a working-day at the office is also the right terrain to impress.


Here are some words from Emilie, founder of von 50′ about the idea behind it:

“ The 1950’s represent the lead of french Haute-Couture worlwide with Dior, Chanel, Jacques Fath, Pierre Balmain, Madame Grès, Nina Ricci, Hubert de Givenchy, Pierre Cardin … We found that decade inspiration to be the most exciting ever, and wish to experience it again : Sophistication, Elegance and Quality are our motivations.

But who could enhance these distinctive silhouettes, better than the Hollywood iconic Stars of the 50’s ? They were, for sure, the best worldwide ambassadresses to magnify these creation styles. We love to see these pictures of Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn (Givenchy’s muse) and so many more… Marilyn, of course, took the lead of Glamour style with adjusted dresses, gloves and always high-waisted pencil skirts. Who could reveal this fashion better than Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar magazines, opening a new area of photography, through graceful models like Carmen Dell’Orefice, Dovima, Suzy Parker, Anne Sainte Marie, Ivy Nicholson? So VON 50’ is here to offer access to Elegant 50’s inspired Haute-Couture Collection, with a high quality of that time, and affordable prices to make Ladies’ dreams come true. We want Glamour, Elegance, Chic and Feminine shaped Silhouettes back !“

A package with three fantastic clothes arrived and it was a pleasure to open the package as well, little magnets with Marilyn as nice giveaway were packed on top. I was impressed with the fabric, and the exceptional fashioning.


On the following pictures i wear the Bel Avant Hier Dress – „An absolutely vintage 50’s dress for two reasons : the 3/4-length triangle-shaped sleeves, and a back low V-neck. Still, not too low so our bra keeps invisible. Both light and warm, the flowing fabric in addition of back and front darts, ensure a perfect fit. Get a perfect Silhouette, emphasize your waist!“

The French CanCan Blouse – „This one is a VINTAGE MUST HAVE! The perfect French silk for a delicate retro touch, the spandex for a perfect fitting. This soft natural silk fabric is so breathable, and leave a light sensation of glamour on our skin. Perfection of details, the cute silk covered buttons!“

And the Regarde Moi Hight Waist Pencil Skirt – „An even more high-waisted pencil skirt ! For an even more vintage dramatic Diva look ! This pencil skirt lenght is 75cm (29,5 inches) it’s to say 3 more centimeters (1,2 inches) than the Salon-Privé skirt. This one is amazing if you wish to underline even more your waist, and extend your silhouette. For those who wear a classic bullet-bra, the skirt is almost just below it. Also containing spandex so it will suit any Lady. Get your basic vintage skirt, Adopt a Madmen Working Girl Look! This one is warm, made of such a thin fabric you could think it’s cotton! An everyday easily wear, easily matched.“

Here you’ll find every item i worn: http://www.von50.com

Yours, Ava xox


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