Trip to Capri

I often go for a classic vintage styling, means i love to wear pieces that have a little history in the way they are cutted or combined like these Capri Pants from von 50′. They remind me of Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day & Brigitte Bardot when they worn those trousers on hot summer days, driving a cabrio, jump on a bike or just go for a little city walk.




There’s a simplicity but although a classy touch in this combination, a straight cutted shirt, blouse or something like that is enough to create a real summer bummer 😉

These pants are made from white spandex, like a second skin. The top in a poppy red color is from 100% viscose for a perfect minimalist Audrey Hepburn’s Chic Style <3.

Again two high quality pieces from the french vintage designer i love to wear this year, not only for a Capri Holiday 🙂

Trip to Capri

Trip to Capri

Trip to Capri


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